Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poor mans IR filters for phones

At the last dc414 meeting i gave out IR filters for camera phones that i made my self. Most cameras on phones are made really cheaply and do not filter out IR, thats why camp fires and such come out looking a little purple, or pink when us take a pic using a camera phone. This happens because the sensor interprets IR to the human visual spectrum as white. To make the filters i went to walgreens, got some 35mm film, opened it up and exposed the entire role to bright light, rolled it back up into its container and asked the kind ppl at the one hour photo counter to develop my role. I also informed them that i didnt want any prints, just the negatives. Then of course i had to explain to them what it was i wanted. You can see how this might seem to be a odd request so be expecting to take a little extra time if you choose to go this route, it will take some explaining.

So why IR filters? Well taking pics with these little guys makes stuff like envelopes transparent, as well as some plastics and CLOTHES!! Making this every nerds dream! lol.

Heres a pic of the IR filters "film":

Heres a pic a took of my stove top:

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