Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Invision Power Board 0-day

IPB is open to right-to-left unicode injection which allows you to obfuscate file names, links, and more. That's not all, because you can inject RTLO while registering you can copy any user name you like! Go to any IPBoard and try to register "& #82 38;nimdA" w/o the quotes and spaces, you will see when you login it displays you as Admin! Now you can go on the forums and run wild as the Admin or any other user you like. No you don't get admin privs. or anything and if anyone looks close at a "spoofed" account its not to hard to spot, but its good for a few lulz and im sure you can get more then one n00b to dl a payload you posted as admin >:) Ok thats all i got, laters.

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