Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lol wtf, more hacked email?

I got this a while back. I dont know this guy at all, but he had my email on his contact list for what ever reason so when his account got owned the attacker "or bot" just mass mailed everyone this little gem:

Subject: SAD NEWS !!!!!!!!!

Hello !!

I'm sorry I didn't inform you about my travel plan. Am presently in
Wales ,United Kingdom but i experienced something horrible at a Park.I
was mugged at gun point, all my cash,credit cards,cell phone and some
other valuable things were stolen in the process but thanking God for
saving my life and keeping my passport.I need your financial
assistance to settle my hotel bills immediately and to return back to
the airport.

I promise to pay back soon as i get home.I really don't have access
to money right now,i need your help within twinkle of an eye. I
already canceled my cards immediately after the Incident. Am at the
public library where am making use of the free internet access.I would
be greatful if you can render your assistance on time. Am anxiously
waiting to hear from you cause my flight leaves in few hrs but need to
settle the hotel bills and please save me from being embarrassed.


Joe Maggio

Maggio & Associates
1181 South Lake Claiborne Road
Port Gibson, MS 39150

I have read about this scam "or ones like it" in a few places but never seen it in action. Not a bad attempt at SE really, well accept for the broken english. If i knew this guy and gave a shit i might have fallen for something like this, at lest would have tried to find out more information and waisted a few minutes. I still think this is a brilliant tactic and i can see why its been so affective in the wild.

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