Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting your Gmail ID for Sweetness.

In order for Sweetness to operate you need to provide it with some vital information, like you sugar username, password, and server address but it also asks for something called a GMail ID. Getting your GMail ID is nice and easy, just access your gmail account and goto any email, then on the right hand side of the page look for the "Print all" link and click it. It should take you to a URL similar to this:

Your GMail ID is the "ik=xxx..." part of the above url so in this case your GMail ID would be:


  1. Returned bad settings in a google apps domain account. Keep going though as this will be very useful.

  2. How can get the Gmail ID of a apps account?
    This extension will be very very useful for lot of people!

  3. The same. What is the Gmail ID for a Google Apps account?

  4. To get the Gmail ID for a Google App account...

    - print a message
    - new window has the url with the ik=XXXX...
    -XXXX is your Gmail ID